Beginning with a Single Step.

Spent this entire day, still going just taking a break, cleaning and decluttering just the bedroom.  Sadly it looks pretty much the same still.  It’s demoralizing.  I’m trying to scale back, simplify and become a little more organized so that daily life will run smoother here at the homestead, so that sweeping and vacuuming are pretty possible most of the time to cut down on allergens and potential bug habitat.  So much effort has yielded almost invisible results it’s almost depressing.  

At least I found 2 pairs of missing shoes and bunch of receipts I was looking for.  Also found a bill and paid it, that was good too, as was finding a book I knew I had but couldn’t find for weeks

My books on Pagan subjects are mostly organized and I weeded out some fiction and non-fiction I can finally admit I will never get to. (Progress!) I also found my Book of Shadows under the bed, along with enough cat hair to make a new cat, and it’s safe and clean again.  It is truly a work in progress, even after all these years, it seems barely begun to me.  But there is progress there and, with this new BoS, some refinement at long last.  It is no longer so stumbling and embarrassing a document. Not that I truly beat myself up for being a newbie once and full of silly ideas, I’m sure most people go through that stage when they start on a similar path. 

Sorting through my clothes for duds is begun and I hope to finish before I must do something about dinner.  Not much time left for it, I guess, but I can still make a start. 

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