Another Step

Changing it up for today;  I rearranged the bedroom.  Our bed faces the door now and I switched the box fans around so the airflow is actually better.  I wasn’t expecting that to work.  ^_^   I used this opportunity to ditch the cable box and the Wii from the bedroom flotsam, thinned out the dvds too.

I’m liking the bed, dressers and TV placement a lot now but the shelves, multiple shelves look just awful.  Before their clutter was at least half hidden by the bulk of the bed and another shelf was partly blocked by being in a shadowy corner and stuck partway behind a large dresser, now they are out in the open and much better lit.  Just looks like a jumble of junk.  I’ll find a way to sort it out but in the meantime it isn’t very soothing to look at, and I do try to have a serene atmosphere in the bedroom.

I also helped Bug make rootbeer today.  It was a kit, probably all chemicals and such, it was a gift and Bug had been wanting to make it for ages.  I was more of a consultant than an actually participant.  I helped with measuring and answered questions, helped with logistical things like pouring back and forth.  I was working on the room at the time and going back and forth.  It was good to finally use the kit, I hate having things lying around forever, maybe the rootbeer will come out ok.  I also got the TV, Xbox and Appletv-thing hooked up and working properly.  Major personal accomplishment there; technology is not my first language, it doesn’t come easy to me.  I still need to seriously weed-out un-needed clothes and things.

Rounded out my activities with washing dishes and doing laundry.

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